BART Seismic Retrofit Program 

The landscape component of this large project was to replace the landscapes impacted by construction to seismically upgrade elevated BART tracks. This work was done along the Concord, Millbrae, and the Richmond BART lines. These areas are owned and maintained by a variety of agencies. The landscapes underneath the tracks vary from streetscapes, to green belts, to ornamental plantings to park spaces. The park spaces vary tremendously in size, the Concord Skate Park is 2500 sf, whereas the Ohlone Greenway through Berkeley, El Cerrito and into Richmond is 5 miles of public open space. 

Our scope included landscape layout, planting, and irrigation. We provided complete existing site field work of all the project areas. The design followed the existing landscape layout as was feasible, while incorporating upgrades to the hardscape, plant material and irrigation, based on the Client’s design direction to ‘replace in similar kind’. The Construction Documentation was created per the Bay Area Rapid Transit’s strict BESP documentation and procedures requirements.  Close collaboration with the prime and other sub consultants on the large design teams through the design process, and throughout the Construction Observation phase.

The resulting completed project provides users with upgraded, low maintenance, attractive landscapes, all adhering to the various agencies’ landscape and irrigation efficiency and other requirements.